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Go hyperlocal — your customers are closer than you might think...

Shopping Fish in Bowl

People shop where they live and work

Like schools of fish, people tend to shop locally creating concentrated pools of consumers. 95% of all purchases happen offline and over 80% of online consumers conduct research online but end up making their purchase offline.

Hyperlocal targeting matches how people shop

One way to catch more consumers is to cast an array of small hyper-local media nets baited with local messaging. 80% of online users prefer locally relevant ads. Local content increases the performance of print, online and mobile advertising from 40-200%.

Hyperlocal marketing eliminates waste and increases ROI

By focusing your advertising dollars on small hyper-local media buys you eliminate wasted dollars spent advertising where either you don’t have a location or where you have a low concentration of customers. The result is a more efficient advertising program driving more consumers to your locations for less cost and a higher ROI.

Berry Network has everything you need

Once on board with Berry Network you will have access to a top notch, experienced crew and a wide array of tools and techniques to navigate the local waters.

  • Unmatched media buying across a multitude of online, mobile and directory advertising networks across the U.S. to help your business reach more prospects
  • Hyper-local media planning strategies to maximize reach within each of your local markets, and optimize your investment
  • High-impact creative ads that are research-based and designed to be more motivating, more compelling, and more profitable
  • Advanced measurement and reporting so you can determine which strategies attract the most customers and deliver the highest ROI
  • Strategic account management processes to systematically develop and monitor advertising strategies to deliver more customers, more calls, more clicks and more sales

Experience the benefits of hyperlocal marketing. Call Berry Network at or click here to request more information.

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